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حداقل سپرده 1 $250
جایزه 100% پاداش در اولین سرمایه گذاری خود را!
پرداخت تا 92%
حساب آزمایشی رایگان نسخه ی نمایشی گسترش
تنظیم بله
معامله گران آمریکایی مجاز خیر
موبایل بازرگانی بله
تجارت تبلت بله
نمره کلی 96/100

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For avid businessmen and traders, the challenging world of binary options trading is something that they can handle subtly because of years of education and experience. متاسفانه, not all traders have the molded skills necessary to grasp the full advantages of investing in a stock market via options trading. In general, those who wanted to search their fortune through this scheme might not get some leverage if they have any sufficient guidance and tools necessary for them to succeed.

Fortunately, several innovations across the Internet have emerged to remedy this problem. Binary Brokerz is one of those popular investment companies that provide great opportunities to experienced and new traders.


Binary Brokerz and Company Overview

Mastery of binary option trading is necessary to achieve substantial profits in the stock market. Binary Brokerz has been the leading provider of financial education, trading tools and professional guidance for every trader. Together with their one-on-one approach with expert financial managers, clients across the globe that avail the services of Binary Brokerz have been incredibly successful in their endeavors. Every customer’s goals and needs will be definitely catered by Binary Brokerz’s skilled and experienced financial brokers.

Binary Brokerz Customer Support Information

The trading platform used by this company is powerful enough to allow every interested trader to have a first-class experience. Given the optimum security, speed and accuracy of Binary Brokerz trading system, every trader will have his opportunity to deal with diverse categories of assets present. These include indices, کالاها, currency pairs and stocks. With real-time advanced charts that present the condition of the stocks in the market, traders will never have a hard time in dealing with quick decisions that can change the status of their financial accomplishments.

Binary Brokerz Trading Account Information

Trading here in Binary Brokerz is easy. A client can choose from hundreds of assets that are active in the world market. After which, he can predict the direction of the stocks by choosing between “call” and “put” options in a given period of time. Depending on the situation, he can invest using his account to obtain returns as high as 92%.

Binary Brokerz Trading Features

Binary Brokerz has been known to be a safe and secure platform for stock market investing. گذشته از آن, they offer payouts as high as 360% with instant execution. An Education Center was purposely conceptualized to allow every client to shape their financial objectives with the help of a personal account manager. در این روش, they will know the essentials of stock market investing in a customized and more interactive manner.

Binary Brokerz Trading Software

The Binary Brokerz’s mobile trading platform has further made every trader’s experience more accessible. With the online scheme being available in both iPhone and Android devices, getting more chances of attaining wins in the market is possible with a simple touch of the fingertips. No trading software is needed to have a one-of-a-kind trading experience.

Binary Brokerz Bonus System

Four types of accounts are available here in Binary Brokerz, namely Basic, نقره, Gold and Platinum. The differences among these types lie on the special trading features that every trader can avail of to aid him in his endeavor. Some of the features include a personal chief account manager, a 20% risk-free in investing, تا 75% Binary Brokerz bonus and at least fifty video tutorials that explain certain strategies that are of good use in the future.

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