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የአክሲዮን አሻሻጭ AvaTrade
የድር ጣቢያ ዩ.አር.ኤል. http://www.AvaTrade.com
ተመሠረተ 2006
የድጋፍ ዓይነቶች የስልክ ድጋፍ, የኢሜል ድጋፍ, የቀጥታ ውይይት ድጋፍ
Languages Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
አነስተኛ 1 ኛ ተቀማጭ ገንዘብ $100
ጉርሻ እስከ $10,00 ጉርሻ
የሚገፋፉ 1:400
Spread Starting from 0.8 Pips
ነፃ የማሳያ መለያ ክፈት ማሳያ
ቁጥጥር የተደረገበት አዎ
የአሜሪካ ነጋዴዎች ተፈቅደዋል አይ
የሞባይል ንግድ አዎ
የጡባዊ ንግድ አዎ
አጠቃላይ ነጥብ 95/100

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AvaTrade Company Overview

AvaTrade was established in 2006 by a group of industry professionals who wanted to empower more people to go into forex trading. Its user-focused perspective has helped fuel its tremendous growth; at present it has some 20,000 registered traders who conduct over two million trades monthly, and its total trading volumes exceed $60 billion a month.


AvaTrade Customer Support Information

To ensure that they provide the best customer support, AvaTrade offers a variety of ways to get in touch with them. You can start a live chat with a support agent, send an email from the site or call international numbers, which are available from virtually every continent. There is also an international line as well as a fax number. Multiple languages are supported including Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian and German.


AvaTrade Trading Account Information

There are three types of accounts that you can open at AvaTrade. The Silver account requires a minimum $100 deposit and includes benefits such as access to educational resources, including live market news and a senior account analyst, while the Gold account requires a $1,000 minimum deposit and includes daily signals and market analysis by the broker’s trading central. The Platinum account requires a $10,000 minimum deposit and also includes access to a direct dealing room. The premium AVA Select account requires a $100,000 minimum deposit and entitles you to flexible trading conditions.

You are also entitled to set up a demo account that allows you to trade with $100,000. This account allows you to make paper trades without having to risk real money for 21 days, so that you can familiarize yourself with the trading platform and sharpen your trading skills.


AvaTrade Trading Features

For most currency pairs, AvaTrade offers leverage of 400:1 and requires a margin of 0.25% for those using the MetaTrader platform and 200:1 leverage and a 0.50% margin for traders using the AvaTrader platform. The fixed spread ranges from 3 pips for the most traded currency pairs such as EUR/GBP and EUR/USD to as much as 250 pips for more exotic pairs like the EUR/ZAR. The minimum nominal trade size is 1,000 units.


AvaTrade Trading Software

You have the choice of using the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform or the exclusive AvaTrader platform, which entitles you to trade more than 200 instruments with low fixed spreads and access to a range of charting tools and order types.


AvaTrade Bonus System

To mark the launching of its new AvaTrader mobile app, the site offers a welcome bonus of up to $300 for those who will make a first deposit of at least $500 ወደ $1,000. Those who deposit $3,000 እስከ $10,000 are entitled not only to a welcome bonus of up to $1,500 but also a free latest mobile device.

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  1. W AvaTrade dostałe bonus powitalny, oprócz tego załapałem się na promocję edukacyjną. Byłem u nich w biurze w Warszawie, jedna z niewielu firm, która nie jest zarejestrowana na Cyprze czy też w innych ,,rajach”- ten kto zarabia na Forex wie o czym piszę. Mają też kryptowaluty, które zrobiły się teraz bardzo popularne. Fajne instrumenty, można spoko zysk wygenerować. Na minus spredy. I brak natychmiastowych wypłattrzeba czeka do 5 dni.

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