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oie FBS
URL situ situ http://www.FBS.com
trouvés 2009
Types Support Support Phone, Email Support, Support Chat Live
1st Vale à dì u minimu $1
Bonus $123 Bonus +100% su tutti i impegni!
Leverage 1:3000
Account Demo Free Open Demo
animatu Iè
US cummircianti ammessi Innò
Trading Mobile Iè
scrive Trading Iè
Score megliu 96/100

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In the trading world, you just can’t get rich on your own. You have to put your funds in a certain environment, work with the people facilitating the activities, and then live through the ups and downs of the market. All the while, you bear the hope that you’ll reap the rewards of your trading strategies in the end. This is why choosing the right broker is a major decision you have to make for your financial development. And there are a lot of brokers out there. To help you decide, we’ve prepared a review for one of them, FBS, and here are your must-knows about this company:



FBS and Company Overview

FBS is a young company (established only in 2009) but definitely a big and fast-growing soon-to-be-giant. They had 50,000 traders at the end of their first year – and that’s not few for a new brokerage company, we daresay – but, at present, they already have over 1,000,000 traders and partners combined! Their enormity is evidenced by the number of orders they execute daily: in the 100,000s. Perhaps this is attributable to the success traders experience when trading – more than half of them have increased their initial deposit by eight to ten times.

What is most notable about this company is that it is definitely award-winning. Since 2010, it has received at least one award, and in some years consistently won the same ones, such as the “Best mini Forex-broker” award and the “Best Broker in Asia” award, to name a few.


FBS Customer Support Information

FBS attributes their continuous success to their efforts in providing excellent customer service. They provide a 24/5 support system, catering to both local and international clients (i.e. Japan, Spagna, Korea, Indonesia, etc.). Their website features a simple and readily available chat service tool through which traders and users can key in their questions and receive responses in no time.


FBS Trading Account Information

Registration is a breeze: you just have to enter your full name and email address, and you’re ready to go! You will be asked to change the temporary password they’ve assigned for you. After that, you will be given a pin code (Never lose this! This is required to confirm transactions done on your account) and other account information, such as your account number, your trading password, your trading server, and an investor password.

They have different trading accounts, each of which are designed to suit the unique and specific needs of their clients. From beginners to pros, from zero risks to unlimited gains, for insurance concerns and quick-trading needs – FBS has a trading account at the ready.


FBS Trading Features

Initial deposits can be as small as a dollar to as high as $500 minimum (but, don’t worry, the large amount is for the pros). Spread may either be floating or fixed. Usual leverage can reach a max of 1:3,000.

They permit huge and numerous activities, keeping as little as 50 open positions to the normal 100, up to an unlimited number of pending orders (for the pros, of course). Order volumes are normally flexible, and market execution happens rather quickly.


FBS – Trading Software

FBS uses the MetaTrader 4 as their trading platform. They recognize its popularity and beneficial features, among which include: support for automated trading, low connection speed required, mobile trading, reliable trading, etc.


FBS Bonus System

Starting an account with FBS bonus provides traders the following perks and benefits (terms and conditions apply as required): the chance to double their deposit (for greater profits!); an extra $123 FBS bonus for seven days; a chance to get up to $15 per order as cashback; and a brand new latest mobile phone gift after accumulating your lots to a certain volume.

There are a lot of other perks and benefits, such as deposit insurance and, well, chic and stylish shirts. Contests are also open almost all the time, such as the “share your dream” contest on Facebook and, of course, a risk-free trading tournament where real prize funds are won (as high as $450 for the first placer!).

We hope that the above information has helped you determine whether FBS could be your possible Forex broker. Once you’ve tried them out, let us know if your expectations were met.

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