• Yuav ua li cas kom tau ib tus Forex lawm ua ntej koj pib Trading

    Nrhiav tau qhov zoo tshaj plaws forex txais tos lawm hauv internet no. Peb muab qhov zoo tshaj plaws pab tswv yim yuav de tus zoo forex broker los suite koj xav tau li cas. Xav paub ntau ntxiv los ntawm txhaj nram no hnub no.

    Nyeem ntxiv tam sim no

Qhov koj yuav tsum paub txog Forex txais tos lawm

Koj forex trading rov, peb mas pom zoo tias koj tau txais hauv forex txais tos lawm uas yog pab rau cov lag luam hnub no. Forex nyiaj tshwj xeeb yog muab ntawm forex brokers rau cov neeg muas zaub ua nqi zog thaum lawv siv cov brokers cov kev pab. Cov no muaj xws li kev pab los ntawm cov kws txawj uas yuav coj koj ua muab koj cov kev nqis peev uas thiab chaw muab kev pab ntawm ib qhov chaw tseeb los sis tuam txhab.forex-txais tos-lawm

Muaj ib tug ntawm cov investors ntau, traders thiab cov lag luam uas txaus siab rau cov kev pab cuam ntawm Forex trading hnub no. Thaum ua hauj lwm nrog forex brokers, koj kuj yuav tau siv cov trading platforms lawv siv. Lawv yuav muab koj cov nyiaj tshwj xeeb thaum koj ua koj deposits los yog tej zaum tseem tau txais lawv dawb. Koj yuav tau xaiv raws li hom lawm koj tab tom nrhiav uas yuav nplua koj nyiam.

Ntsuam xyuas dej saum nyob Forex lawm

FBS Bonus

  • Open account “Bonus 123”!
  • FBS offers 100% bonus to each deposit
  • Deposit insurance program for your confident trading in profit on Forex
$123 Lawm +100% nyob rau txhua txhua deposit!
Xyuas tam sim no

Qhov tseeb Forex txais tos lawm koj mus ua ntawv thov hnub no

Sim seb peb nyiaj tshwj xeeb forex. Koj muaj cai xaiv tau los ntawm daim ntawv uas muaj qhov tseeb forex lawm muab peb muaj muab rau koj.

Tseem muaj ntau yam los lawm forex uas koj yuav xaiv tau los ntawm txoj kev. Koj yuav tau sim Forex Deposit lawm, Forex dawb lawm, los sis Deposit Forex tsis muaj lawm. Peb mas caw koj mus sim no sawv daws yuav tau avail ntawm cov nyiaj tau tshaj. Peb hais tias no muab yuav tsis ua rau koj cov nyiaj uas yuav.

Yuav ua li cas kom tau Credible Forex lawm

Tau qhov zoo tshaj plaws ntawm qhov tseeb forex lawm muaj rau cov lag luam, peb muaj no tau ib co lus qhia yooj yim uas yuav pab tau koj.

Tshaj plaws uas koj yuav tsum tau ua no yuav qhia rau sawv daws yuav nrog lub koob meej yog leej twg ntawm tus muaj brokers. Tsis txhob brokers uas muab ib tug loj npaum li cas nyiaj tshwj xeeb kom tsis txhob muaj qhov uas yuav tau scammed.

Tsis txhob cia, Nco ntsoov mus nrhiav cov lus tseem ceeb txog koj qhov brokers. Tus broker yuav tsum tau muab cov lus tseem ceeb sib chwv thiab tshiab txog nws qhov chaw nyob kiag. Ua li no, koj yuav saib tau lawv txhua sij hawm yog tias koj muaj ib yam tseem ceeb queries, xav tau kev pab, los yog xav tau kev pab thaum muaj ti tes ti taw.

Xyuas cov neeg txhawb lawv uas muab lub broker. Lub forex broker koj xav mus ua hauj lwm nrog yuav tsum teb cov lus rau koj thaum koj xav tau ntaub ntawv los ntawm lawv. Muaj reputable Forex brokers 24/7 neeg kev pab muaj nyob.

Nyeem txog kev Forex Broker thiab kev

Hnub no, koj yuav nrhiav tau ntau cov kev uas txawv brokers cov chaw uas koj tau thaum koj nrhiav ib tug broker koj yuav ntseeg forex. Cov kev qhia kev ntawm brokers cov kev pab thiab kev ua tau zoo. • Ntsuam no tawm ces koj yuav tau qhia hais tias cov twg brokers muaj kev pab credible. Nyeem cov kev koj yuav tau kawm thiab taw tau lub platform uas yuav zoo tshaj plaws nplua koj xav tau thiab nyiam.

Ntawm no yog peb pom zoo forex brokers uas yuav pab tau koj kev soj ntsuam lub forex broker koj yuav koom tes nrog peb sau, thiab muaj nyiaj tau ntau tshaj:

Broker Pab ntxiv yog Lawm Qhib tus Account
Kev cai:
Leverage: 1:400
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $100
Mus txog $10,00 Lawm Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai:
Leverage: 1:3000
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $1
$123 Lawm +100% nyob rau txhua txhua deposit! Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai:
Leverage: 1:1000
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $100
101% Rau txhua Deposit Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai: ASIC
Leverage: 1:500
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $100
$10 Tsis muaj Deposit lawm Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai: FFMS
Leverage: 1:1000
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $1
Tshaj plaws 250% Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai:
Leverage: 1:2000
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $100
100% Deposit lawm! Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib
Kev cai: CySEC
Leverage: 1:888
Demo Account: Yog
Min Deposit: $5
Deposit lawm rau li $5,000 Mus xyuas Broker Nyeem saib

Tseeb Forex txais tos lawm ntawm tus Forex Brokers thoj tseem muaj

Get started with your forex trading and work with the most trusted forex brokers. Here is a list of some of the top forex brokers with the minimum amount you can deposit, and the corresponding bonus you can get.

Broker Lawm Min Deposit Leverage Review Qhib tus Account
Mus txog $10,00 Lawm $100 1:400 Review Mus xyuas Broker
$123 Lawm +100% nyob rau txhua txhua deposit! $1 1:3000 Review Mus xyuas Broker
101% Rau txhua Deposit $100 1:1000 Review Mus xyuas Broker
$10 Tsis muaj Deposit lawm $100 1:500 Review Mus xyuas Broker
Tshaj plaws 250% $1 1:1000 Review Mus xyuas Broker
100% Deposit lawm! $100 1:2000 Review Mus xyuas Broker
Deposit lawm rau li $5,000 $5 1:888 Review Mus xyuas Broker

Yuav xaiv ib tug nyob saum Forex Broker?

With the thousands of brokers available, it could be an overwhelming task to decide which forex broker would be best for you. In this post, you will find a compiled a list of factors to consider and hopefully, as you reach the last, you would have decided already which forex broker is good for you.

Spreads or Transactions how-to-choose-a-forex-broker

  • Forex trader cost is the actual cost of the forex versus your purchase price. This is calculated in pips: thus, the lower the amount, the better. Since the spread is where the brokers get their income, forex traders yuav tsum ceev faj txog brokers advertising tias lawv yuav tsis yuav pips. Muaj tej zaum tus mos tej uas koj tsis muaj kev paub txog.

Leverage thiab Margins

  • Leverage xaiv yog siv los ntawm investors kom lawv tau coj kom zoo dua fluctuations hauv placebo. Tus leverage no yeej muaj nyiaj txais ua brokers txuas rau investors uas yuav tsum muaj ib tus account npoo nrog lawv. Trading txheem no feem ntau yog ua los ntawm 100,000 txoj kev lub txiaj. Yog li, rau ib tug 100:1 leverage, cov tub luam yuav tsum deposit U.S.$ 1,000 ntawm nws tus account. Tus leverage muab tus investor tej zaum rau ntawm raking nyob loj profits ntu rau nws peev me me.
  • Rau lwm cov tes, rau cov ciaj uas muag mus tiv thaiv koj cov miv nyuas, ces koj sijhawm rau ib tug tsis tau los kuj zoo kawg li thiab. Qhov no yog vim li cas vim yog tej tus tshaj plaws ua tus txiav txim tso nws tseg. A stop order is actually a mandate given by the trader stating that trading is stopped if losses reach either a certain amount or percentage.

Service Extended

  • With brokers literally chasing after new entrants in the forex trade system, traders should at least be able to reach the broker should he have any concerns on his account. Unfortunately, for a number of brokers, service is impeccable before account opening and suffers drastically when the client has already opened an account.

Broker Quality

  • Forex trading is an unregulated market. Therefore, you should find one which is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and a registered member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

Trading Tools

  • Good brokers do not leave their customers at a loss once they start to trade. Thus they provide their client with the necessary tools to help them succeed in trading. It may be a demo account or maybe updates with regard new trading practices.

Trading Platforms

  • Almost all forex traders do their trades using the internet. Not having an online trading platform is a great disservice to clients.

Availability of Currency Pairs

  • A good broker should be able to trade the 8 major foreign currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Francs (CHF), the Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen, and the US Dollar (USD). These currencies are the ones most used in business transactions so their prices fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Lot Sizes

  • Minimum lot sizes (or units of currency you can buy) vary with each broker. If you are just starting to learn forex trading, find a broker that would allow you to buy mini lots.

Rollover Charges

  • Brokers allow traders to close open positions value dated today and opening the same trade tomorrow but reflecting the differences in interest between the currency pairs. Although this is allowed, there are charges levied by the brokers and you need to know how much the charge is to determine your margin on the trade.

Forex txais tos lawm

  • Added to the values, forex broker offers forex welcome bonuses such as forex no deposit bonus, forex deposit bonus and other types of forex cashback or rebates. With the forex bonus, the trader has added leverage to trade as the bonus becomes an additional fund with which he can trade more. This would mean a lot to the trader because some new traders really would need the additional funding even just to trade the minimum lots.

Some of the factors given above may be self-explanatory. However, the others need your expertise in determining whether or not your broker actually provides you the best, say in terms of pips, rollover charges, and the like. Make a shortlist of the brokers that you know and have traded with and using this checklist, weed out those that do not provide what you are looking for.

Xaus tsis muaj tus Forex lawm

A forex welcome bonus extended by brokers to traders would be a great come on for new traders. For one, they can start trading the bonus, without actually putting their capital at risk. At worst, the trader can lose a portion of his capital if he trades more than the bonus but should there be a good trade made, the bonus can actually help the trader increase his capital. If one tends to be safe in his trading transactions, the possibility of earning would be there. The trick is if you have made good trades already, set aside your original capital, and trade only within your gains so that your capital is preserved.


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